Year-Round Action

If you already love rugby, this is the league for you.

If you are brand new to rugby, this is the league for you.

CJRA has multiple seasons of competitive youth rugby, as well as summer camps and skill-focused sessions.

Winter is our local season, starting just after school football ends. There are teams for both school and clubs covering 2nd through 12th grades, and everyone gets to play. Most of the matches are in the Charlotte metro area, with the occasional visit to a nearby city to play against one of our friends.

Spring is travel rugby with the Tigers. We get underway after the big local tournament Carolina Ruggerfest. This team plays to win, with a long history of winning or placing in the Youth Nationals tournament.

In Summer we take a little break and focus on introducing new players or honing individual skills for experienced players. There are typically multiple sessions over the summer where we all come together to have some fun.

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